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New York Baby Nurse Agency

Lullabye Baby Nurse Services is owned and operated by former English nanny and newborn care specialist. When you become a parent, you are a mother to all children. Our aim is to provide the highest quality baby nurses, nannies, house-sitters and caregivers to satisfy the needs of each one of our client.

We provide a professional baby nurse and nanny to fit the needs of every parent. Our baby nurses are able to travel nationally and internationally. We are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Should you have an emergency, we can provide a baby nurse or a nanny on the spot. Since our inception, we have provided baby nurses and nannies to the New York, Connecticut, New Jersey areas, especially Manhattan, Westchester, Greenwich, and Long Island areas.

Our Baby Nurses Specialize In:
· Singletons
· Twins
· Multiples
· NICU Newborns
· Preemies
· Micro Preemies
· Special Needs
· Doula Services
· Apnea Monitors
· Reflux
· Colicky Newborns
· Lactation
· Scheduling
· Baby Massage

Our Baby Nurses Are Available For:

  • 24 hours assignments & 12 hour assignments
  • Long Term & Short Term Assignments
  • Overnight, Weekends & Next Day

We can provide a nanny or baby nurse New York, New York City, and surrounding areas.