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Baby Nurse NYCLullaby Services is owned and operated by a former English nanny, newborn care specialist and mother of two. Since our inception, our mission has always been to provide you with the most experienced, professional and loving baby nurses. Our baby nurses are pre-screened, dedicated and have five-star references from previous families. Please call our office today (914) 882-6641 if you are interested in learning more about how to hire the perfect baby nurse for your family.

Would you like to hire a Baby Nurse?

We help match your family with a professional baby nurse and/or nanny that is experienced and understands your specific needs. Each baby nurse is able to travel nationally and internationally. Whether you need a daytime baby nurse or overnight baby nurse, we are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you should have an emergency, we can provide a baby nurse or a nanny to you right away. Since our inception, we have provided baby nurses and nannies to New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, and more specifically to Manhattan, Westchester, Greenwich, and Long Island areas. We are now able to provide baby nurses nationwide!

Our Baby Nurses are very experienced and educated in newborn care

At Lullaby Services we realize that you need a loving baby nurse or nanny who interacts with your child or children through holding, rocking, cuddling and talking. Are you looking for a baby nurse that will help your newborn develop good sleeping habits so that your baby can sleep through the night? Or perhaps a baby nurse that can help you throughout the day so you can focus on your own rest and recovery. Our newborn care givers truly enjoy taking care of babies and have the knowledge and experience to give your infant the attention he or she needs for optimal development.

Recently featured on NBC
“The childcare trend isn’t a new one, according to Jospehine Chrouch,night nanny nyc owner of New York agency Lullaby Baby Nurses. “Night nanny services have been in use for a long time, especially by mothers who’ve had a C-section or difficult labor,” she explains. However, while she has seen a steady clientele since the company’s inception in 2006, she does say that there are still many parents who do not know what a night nanny is, or that the service is even an option.” Read more about night nannies here

Newborn Night Nannies

Newborn Night NanniesLullaby overnight nannies will see to all of your baby’s needs throughout the evening and night so that you can get a good nights sleep! Our newborn overnight nannies also specialize in caring for multiples! Hire an overnight nanny that will help you so that you can be 100% during the day! Night nanny duties include but are not limited to: feeding, swaddling, changing, burping, rocking, soothing, preparing bottles and more.

Newborn Day Baby Nurses

Our daytime newborn baby nurses and nannies are perfect for the new mom who may need a little experience, guidance or an extra set of helping hands. While the new born baby nurse is there you can rest, run errands or spend time with siblings. Some of the baby nurses duties can include feeding, playing, changing, preparing bottles, rocking, bathing, light housekeeping, laundry and whatever else will make your life easier.

Postpartum Doulas

Postpartum DoulasA Doula which means (a woman who helps woman) is a non-medical postpartum care provider who offer support, practical knowledge and support to new parents. Doulas are specially trained to give new mothers the assistance and mothering that she may need. Doulas help new parents with baby care skills such as newborn bathing, circumcision care, umbilical cord care, diaper changing, breast feeding support, light housekeeping, laundry and more.

Any Baby Nurse that you Hire is Available for:

  • 24 hours assignments & 12 hour assignments
  • Day and Night Time Baby Nurse
  • Available For Long Term & Short Term Assignments
  • Available Overnight, Weekends & Next Day

Some of the many areas our baby nurses specialize in:

  • Singletons
  • Twins and Multiples
  • NICU Newborns
  • Colicky Newborns
  • Preemies and Micro Preemies
  • Special Needs
  • Scheduling and developing good sleeping habits
  • Night Nurse
  • Doula Services
  • Apnea Monitors
  • Reflux
  • Lactation
  • Baby Massage
  • Bathing and Feeding
  • Rest & Recovery Support

Hire a Baby Nurse in NYC/NJ/CTHire a Baby Nurse in NYC/NJ/CT and other locations

We can provide a nanny or baby nurse in Manhattan, New York State, Staten Island, Long Island, Westchester, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Boston, Connecticut, California and nationwide. Let us know where you are located and we can provide a baby nurse in your area.

Hire a Night Nurse in NYC/NJ/CT and other locations

Hire a Night Nurse in NYC/NJ/CTNot sure if you need to hire a baby nurse or not? You will be most exhausted after having your baby and will need a lot of sleep. Going into labor and giving birth can be very exhausting, but the aftermath can be even worse. You will need a few weeks to recover and will need to have proper sleep at night. Having a baby nurse for the first few weeks after giving birth will be very helpful for adjusting to having a new born baby in the home. A baby nurse will be very helpful with doing things around the house such as the baby’s laundry, making small snacks, and doing some light housekeeping. She will teach you the best ways to change the baby’s diaper, bathe, and feed the baby. She will even do all of this for you.

Hire a Day Nurse in NYC/NJ/CT and other locations

Hire a Day Nurse in NYC/NJ/CT and other locationsA baby nurse can be very helpful to have when adjusting to having a brand new baby in the home. She will help you with parenting advice and skills. The baby nurse will gladly take care of your newborn baby while you are trying to recover from just giving birth and adjusting back to your daily life. It is not very costly to have a baby nurse in your home, it is quite affordable. When you interview your new baby nurse make sure that you ask her questions and let her know about what you will be expecting to make sure that it is something that you will be needing.

Hire a Family Help Nurse in NYC/NJ/CT and other locations

Hire a Family Help Nurse in NYC/NJ/CT and other locationsWhen you first have your baby your family might need some extra help taking care of the new baby in the home. It is going to be a different feeling having a newborn baby in the home. It will take some adjustment with learning how to change diapers, feedings, constant cleaning, and sleeping patterns. A baby nurse is fully trained in how to take care of a newborn baby and knows exactly what to do in regards to taking care of the mom and baby. She will make sure that you are fully prepared in taking care of the new baby and make sure that you are also well rested. The baby nurse will be responsible for the baby 24/7 to ensure that you get enough sleep.

Post Partum Depression

Post Partum DepressionAfter having a baby you might start to feel post part depression. A baby nurse will be there to help you with this. You might be crying a lot, eating too little or too much, feeling sad, hopeless, overwhelmed, have memory problems, or even withdrawing from friends and family. After having a delivery you might be tired, lack sleep, feel less attractive, feel a lack of free time, or feel a loss of who you were. A baby nurse can help you with all of these symptoms and feelings you may be having. If your post part depression lasts for longer then two weeks you need to seek medical help from a doctor to have it treated properly. Depression that runs in the family can be much more severe after the birth of a baby and needs to be treated medically. It is normal to feel different and be unhappy after having a baby. It will drain you mentally and physically.

Hire a Night Time Nurse in NYC/NJ/CT and other locations

When having a new born baby you can hire a newborn baby nurse who is a specialist that can be hired for a few weeks or as long as you need to help you catch up on rest. A night nurse/nanny would usually come over later on at night/evening to help assist the mom and family. These night baby nurses go through a lot of training, have a lot of experience, and work a lot of hours. It is definitely necessary to hire a night nurse right after giving birth so that you can gain your sanity back. It is a big help to you and your family in having the extra hands around.

Hire a Day Time Nurse in NYC/NJ/CT and other locations

Day Time Baby Nurse NYCWe suggest that if you are looking to hire a day time nurse you call and book as soon as you know that you need one. It is recommended to hire a baby nurse for at least 2 weeks and you can always add on time. All baby nurse’s are given an extend background check so you can ensure that your baby will be very safe. We have baby nurses that have experience with multiple babies as well. All of our baby nurses have plenty of experience taking care of new borns/infants. Call or email us if you are interested in booking a baby nurse today.

Hire a Doula Nurse in NYC/NJ/CT and other locations

A postpartum doula is a baby nurse that provides help and support to the mother and family. A doula will help the mom recover after giving birth. The doula will be helping with the feeding, procedures, and routine as well as give tips. The doula will also help with some light house keeping, run errands, and meal prep. The main focus will be on the newborn baby as this is their speciality. The doula may or may not be a live in for the time that they are needed. It is preference on whether you choose to hire a baby nurse or a doula nurse. Just ask us if you are not sure on what you would prefer!

Hire a Baby Nurse for Special Events or a Wedding Party

Hiring a baby nurse for a special event or wedding party can be incredibly helpful. You won’t need to fuss all day and take time away from your special day. Hire a baby nurse to take care of all your baby’s needs throughout the day and rest assured that your baby is in good hands. Enjoy your day and have your mind at rest knowing that your baby is being taken care of by one of our professional and loving baby nurses. Our baby nurses are available to travel as well as over night occasions.

A Recent Client from TLC’s “What Not To Wear”

“Thank you so much for sending Shyrine to help us out on “What Not To Wear.” We had an unusual request to care for a baby while her mother filmed on our show, but Lullaby Baby Nurses came through for us. We had very specific requirements and all of our needs were fulfilled. Your service is excellent and we thank you for working with us!”

Tiffanie Young
Production Coordinator for TLC’s “What Not To Wear”
What Not To Wear | BBC NY Production

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    Testimonials for Lullaby Baby Nurses for our featured baby nurse Amy
    June 6 2017
    “Amy stayed with us for two weeks after our son Daniel was born and we were extremely happy with her. She taught me and my husband so much about taking care of a baby and was so good with our son. Having her with us allowed me to get some much needed sleep and gave me time to recover from my pregnancy. She was delightful and had so many great stories to tell. It is clear how much she loves babies and that she becomes very attached to them. Amy continues to be available when we need her and we plan to call on her in the future. We would highly recommend Amy to anyone.” -Olga Vladi

    “As first time parents who had very little knowledge of the beginning phases of a baby’s life, Amy Wilson proved to be a godsend to us. Amy was with us for four full days the second our son was out of the hospital and stayed on to do nights for about three weeks after that. From minute one, she took complete and total care of our baby and not only allowed us to adjust to the strains of new parenthood, but imparted her knowledge onto us throughout her time with us. She not only got our baby on a feeding schedule from Day 1, but taught me how to use a breast pump, gave very helpful tips on breastfeeding and bottle feeding (we did both) among other pieces of advice. She showed us the best ways to change him, put him down for naps, and went into great detail about why he would fuss, cry, coo etc. I still use her shushing technique to calm him to this day and his bathtime routine is that which Amy helped create.
    The nights she spent with us were wonderful. For the first few weeks of parenthood, we slept through the night, allowing us to not only rest, but to take on the newborn days well rested and calm. I trusted her completely to care for our son while we slept and not only feed him, but soothe him to sleep, change him and start to create a sleeping rhythm that he is still continuing to this day. She was an essential part of keeping our son happy, fed and safe during his first month. At his one week checkup, the doctor commended us on his weight gain and general disposition—we owed all of that to Amy, as she really took the reins. She was always prompt, always helpful and was a delight to have live with us for the first month. She not only took care of everything relating to the baby at his current phase, but would give us tips and advice for milestones and changes as he grew when she was gone. We know when to start tummy time, when to start sleep training, solid food and so on because of Amy. Her extensive knowledge of newborns and infants proved invaluable to us. She loved and cared for our son and that was clear from the moment that she came—our families also adore her, as she became a source of knowledge for them as well.

    I never worried when we left our son in her care—we were able to enjoy the first few weeks of parenthood with calmed nerves and a sense of comfort knowing that Amy was here to help with anything and answer any and all questions. It was clear to us that she is still close to all of “her babies”, as she calls them , as she is in touch with all of them today, constantly telling stories, showing pictures and giving updates. She continues to check in on our baby and we hope that she will remain in touch for years to come.”
    -Erin Trundle (mom of Wyatt)

    Read more testimonials for Lullaby Baby Nurses here!

    baby nurse agency nyc

    Lullaby Featured in The Atlantic 1/10/2020

    “Night nannies, or night nurses, change, swaddle, soothe, and feed babies, caring for them throughout the night so their parents can get some rest. They also teach parents how to take care of infants. It isn’t a new profession: “We have been around so long. As long as people are going to have babies, they are going to need us,” said Josephine Chrouch, who runs the New York–based night-nurse agency Lullaby Services.

    Lately, the agency’s services have been in particular demand. As higher proportions of women have entered and stayed in the workforce, high-paying employers have demanded more of their workers’ time and paid parental leave remains widely unavailable. Alongside these developments, night-nannying has shifted from a specialty service for the very wealthy to a source of relief for many well-paid urban professionals trying to manage their postpartum lives. (Some well-off families opt for more than just part-time help, of course, hiring live-in nannies who can provide additional care in the early months.)”

    Click here to view the article

    *We are here to help during the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to put your safety first and currently have a limited number of baby nurses available. All of our baby nurses comply with CDC safety guidelines and are fully vaccinated. *