Lullaby Services Testimonials

December 2015

Just a couple of weeks after our twin girls were born, my wife woke up at 5am on a Saturday with high fever and nausea. She had gotten an infection, and we were certain we wouldn’t be able to take care of our girls by ourselves.
We waited until 8am that morning to call Josephine, who sprang into action. By the afternoon Kenisha showed up. She stayed with us for 48 hours and practically saved us. Kenisha is very knowledgable and experienced. During those 48 hours my wife had the chance she needed to rest and recover, the girls were cared for expertly, I even got to sleep more than ever since the twin have been born, and to top it all off I learned new things from Kenisha about childcare and was more confident in my parenting when she sadly had to leave.

I honestly don’t know what we would have done without her and without Lullaby services. We’d hire them again in a heartbeat.

Omer (and Carina) Yariv

To whom it may concern:

I am writing this recommendation on behalf of Erline from Lullabye Services. She looked after our 6 week old daughter and my husband and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

She is very warm and we instantly felt comfortable with her and daughter adores her. She is both kind and professional. We were comfortable leaving Erline to care for our daughter while we were both out of the house and we have a deep trust in her as a person and a caregiver. She has lots of experience with young babies and this was evident throughout the time she worked for us. Our daughter was always smiling and happy while in Erline’s care and this is a true testament to how great she is at her job.


Marli and Vincent Roccanova

To Whom It May Concern:

When I first came home from the hospital in late November, the first person I saw in the lobby of my building was my doorman. The second was Norma Wilson. It was such a relief to see her smiling face after an unexpected c-section and a longer than anticipated hospital stay.

My milk had just come in, and I told Norma about my wish to breastfeed. She helped me discover my milk and learn to pump. Five days into her stay we were feeding my daughter breast milk only. It wasn’t always easy, but Norma put me on a schedule that worked. With Norma’s guidance, we eased into regular pumping and feeding schedules. My daughter responded to the structure, and even settled into a semi-predictable sleep schedule, sometimes sleeping 4 or more hours at time during the night.

Norma also tracked every diaper change and every behavior. This came in handy at our first pediatrician visit. We were able to answer questions about wet and dirty diapers because we had Norma’s log.

Norma helped us through many firsts (belly button falling off, first bath, first trip outside on a cold day). She gave us invaluable advice and assurance. She also noticed characteristics in our daughter that we might not have otherwise noticed. For example, Norma let us know that our daughter has very strong hearing. And Norma let us know when we were holding her too much (perhaps spoiling her).

When Norma switched from a 24 hour to a 12 hour schedule, we found the good night’s sleep essential. However, Norma is so interesting and easy to talk to that we would sometimes find ourselves caught up in conversation about travel, hobbies, and current events…we actually had to remind ourselves to go to bed!

I am happy to say that my husband and I are now confident, (mostly) relaxed parents of a 2 week-old baby, and I’m not sure that this is something I could say if we hadn’t had Norma’s support.

I highly recommend her as a baby nurse. She loves babies and knows how to take care of them so well.

I can be reached any time to discuss further.

We have had the best experience with Lullaby Services

July 2015

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is in support of Erline as a baby nurse or nanny. Erline joined us when our daughter was barely three months old. As first time parents, we were very nervous to leave her with anyone, but we were immediately comforted by Erline as she is so warm and nurturing. Our most important criteria in selecting a nanny was finding someone who would genuinely care for our baby above all else, and Erline has absolutely delivered on that. Even though Erline has only been with us for four months, our daughter clearly adores her (she gives her a huge smile every time Erline walks in the apartment) and has thrived in her care. Erline has also been a great help to us, offering us lots of advice on how to get her on a good feeding/sleeping schedule and introducing solid foods.
We are very sad to leave Erline though understand she cannot come with us to the suburbs. She has been a great asset to our family, and I recommend her without hesitation.



June 24, 2015

Hi, Josephine. I want to thank you for referring Maria Etienne to me. She was wonderful with my little guy and was extremely helpful during my recovery. Maria is very talented and taught me a great deal. As a first time mom, that was greatly appreciated.


January 1, 2015

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this letter of reference for Bennita Clarke, who was a night nurse for my daughter for eight weeks. During this time, I found Bennita to be very competent and caring.

Since this was my first child, I had many questions and concerns in relation to childcare, breast feeding, etc. Bennita addressed all of my concerns and more. Setting up the breast pump and the best way to approach bath time are examples of ways in which Bennita assisted me. In relation to schedules, with guidance from Bennita, my baby adapted to a wonderful schedule and stated sleeping through the night by seven weeks old. I found that Bennita was very energetic and used time when the baby was sleeping to wash bottles, do laundry, and help with other tasks that can be tiring for a new mother. Most important though was her knowledge in relation to the proper care of my child.

Bennita is very dependable and trustworthy. She respected all of my wishes and interacted with our family appropriately. I was able to go to dinner with my husband on various occasions and not worry about leaving my child in Bennita’s care. Bennita is timely and always showed up for work. During the time she was in our home, her focus was always on the baby and her care.

If you have any further questions in regard to this letter of reference, please feel free to contact me.

Kara and James Kelly

Here is a testimonial about Julie Campbell, who was just fabulous. Thank you for the referral!

Julie Campbell came into our house when our son was one week old and immediately showed him warmth and constant nurturing. She stayed up with him during the crazed newborn stages without ever seeming tired. She tended to his every need during the daytime, and organized and meticulously maintained his nursery (even ironing his tiny sleepers). She became a friend to me during my journey into motherhood and always was a calming, relaxed presence in our house. In addition to caring for the baby, she also helped me with household tasks. She was flexible and open-minded–we truly worked together as a team–and she never imposed her views on me. That being said, she is extremely knowledgeable about breastfeeding, sleep training, infant scheduling and care, and I could rely on her advice. She also takes very seriously the fragility of new life and was constantly on guard for our son’s health and safety. As my son grew, he began to absolutely adore her, lighting up when she entered the room. We will all miss her dearly. Sincerely, Rebecca K.

Letter of Reference for Viviene James

To whom it may concern:

This note is a letter of reference for Viviene James. She was the baby nurse hired by my daughter during a surgery required for one of her daughters. I was greatly impressed with Ms. James in-depth skill and broad knowledge of infant care. She was exemplary in her attention to detail in caring for my infant granddaughter while also being engaging with my 2 year old granddaughter. Ms. James got us on a solid feeding and sleeping schedule with our infant which was essential so that the family could focus on the surgery and recovery of our other granddaughter. She was talented in soothing the baby and insightful in understanding her needs. Ms James was also an able teacher and coach for me as a grandparent. She had just the right amount of encouragement and wisdom in equipping me to take over infant care duties during the surgery period. I greatly appreciate her excellent communication skills and caring lessons. I also want to highlight her flexibility in fitting in with the family. She was easy to be with and a delight to have in the home.

I am most please to offer this recommendation as well as speak with others who might employ her services.
Kathryn Vernez


I can’t speak highly enough about Yvette! I only wish I had had her in the very early days of my daughter’s life.

I’m a performer and my baby has never been a good sleeper. I was performing at the Metropolitan Opera in NYC and I hired Yvette to come the night before each of my performances in order to get a good night’s sleep. She did a wonderful job with my older baby (4.5-6 months at the time). She was loving and affectionate, extremely professional and a wonderful communicator, which was important to me. She responded promptly and clearly to any emails or texts and was proactive about communicating. She also did some babysitting for us. My baby loved her! She was friendly and social when invited to be, but quiet and discreet when needed. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

To the parents it may concern:

Angeloa took care of our second baby for several weeks, beginning about a week after he came home. I highly recommend her. She is was everything we would have hoped for and beyond. She cared for him extremely well–knowledgeably, gently and lovingly. She re-taught us some things and taught us knew things/new ways to think/do old things that were really useful. She helped us keep our daily baby book.

She cared equally well for me and us. If this is your first child, you should be aware that this is not always the case, but it is so important to choose a baby nurse who understands what the parents are going through physically and emotionally. She went above and beyond to assess my/our needs every day. Whether that meant carrying something for me when I was still in pain and could not, or washing the dishes, or playing with our older son when the baby was sleeping, or
giving tips for managing the new dynamic with our older child. She asked us continually what our goals were, to be sure to help us learn to care for our baby and manage our whole family dynamic once she was gone. She gave her opinion but also respected ours. She was really likable and easy to get along with–also important in a NYC apartment! She checked back with us to see how we were doing after she left, and came to visit as well as to babysit a few months later.

We consider her to have been a gift and to be a friend. I’d be happy to speak with you if you have any specific questions.

Susan Tam

Imagine leaving the hospital and having Mary Poppins appear on your doorstep to meet you as you enter the house with your new baby. Our amazing baby nurse, Angie stayed with us for two weeks and basically gave us a crash-course in Baby 101. Angie has worked all over the U.S and Europe and is truly a professional, first-class, caring, funny, and upbeat caretaker. She is a pleasure to be around, and I am beyond sad to see her go. She helped me to heal, making sure I was looking after myself, as well as the baby, after a painful unexpected C-section. I don’t know how I would have survived without her. She helped me with her breastfeeding expertise, setting up a sleep schedule, as well as helping me to decode my baby’s cries. She goes above and beyond helping the mother to cope with the sudden changes of a newborn as well as to care for the baby. If you want to give the best gift for a loved one who is expecting, or treat yourself, Angie is your baby nurse. Angie will help you navigate these exciting, new unchartered waters. You will not be disappointed. You can contact Angie directly at 917-435-4388, and you can absolutely contact me directly for a reference.






What a relief! You set my mind at ease! I was incredibly stressed out looking for a nanny and your company helped us find someone fast that was so much better than the 26 people we interviewed before her. Thank you again. John and Linda!

The baby nurse you sent us was skilled, attentive and caring. I can’t say enough how grateful we are for your help. Thank you!

– Jennifer F

Hi Josephine,

Just wanted to say thank you for recommending Andrea! From the minute she arrived, I felt more relaxed. She was patient, helping me breast feed and reassured me when I was feeling frustrated. She was also especially great having the baby on a schedule within a day. Andrea is very knowledgable with so many aspects of baby care – she was also a big help with the necessary post Bris care and is a great teacher… As a first time mother, I had many questions and she was always happy to answer them and show me, making sure I understood and was comfortable. Having Andrea’s help made my c-section recovery so much easier and we were so happy with her care of our baby!


Viviene James came to our aid in a time of need. Our daughter was 2 ½ months old and my wife was dealing with post-partum depression. We hired Viviene to help us out primarily for the nights and she spent a couple of weeks with us.

From day one it was clear Viviene brought with her a lot of knowledge and a ton of experience in caring for infants. We were impressed with the ease and gentleness with which she took care of our daughter. In the first couple of days she was able to understand our baby and her needs and helped us do the same. She was very observant and was quick to make suggestions and adjustments in caring for our baby. She provided us with a lot of information and techniques and communicated this information in a way that was easy for us to understand. Viviene was sensitive to the fact that this we were first-time parents and helped us to get confidence in our parenting skills while giving us simple suggestions in caring for our daughter. It was easy to have her around in our home and in a short time she felt like part of our small little family. Viviene helped us with sleep training our daughter and putting her on a more regular feeding schedule. One night at dinner she said to me that my little one will sleep through the night. We were skeptical that we would be able to get our daughter to sleep through the night at such a young age. However our daughter is now 6 months old, sleeps through the night and is happy as happy can be. We are glad to have had Viviene work with us in our time of need. She certainly did more than what we were looking for and I will certainly recommend her to family and friends.