Call or text (914) 882-6641 and speak with a representative today. We will gladly discuss your needs.

  • There is a one time Agency Fee of $350 ($375 for twins)
  • Fee may vary depending on length of assignment
  • No payment is due until you have agreed to hire a Baby Nurse
  • We look forward to hearing from you.

Live In and Nightly Rates

Live In – $350.00 (24 hours)

Nights – $25/hour

Event Rates (Now available to staff baby nurses at any event)

$30/hour per baby nurse

*No advance booking for part-time bookings.
*California rates will vary and will cost more than the services in New York.
*Some baby nurses have rates that may vary slightly.
*The agency fee is non-refundable

Refund Policy: Please be advised that all fees and deposits are non-refundable