Frequently Asked Questions

This is our first child. What sort of questions should we ask?

Please feel free to call the agency. We will gladly assist you with questions and tips for interviewing.

Do we provide food?

Yes,  if it’s a 24 hour assignment.

Is the agency fee refundable?

No, the agency fee is non-refundable.

If we are expecting the candidate to travel do we pay the expenses?


When do the baby nurses take a break?

The baby nurse takes a break when the baby sleeps.

Are your baby nurses and nannies cpr certified?

Yes, all of our baby nurses and nannies are certified for infant and child cpr.

We live in an apartment, does the baby nurse need her own room?

Our baby nurses can either stay in the room with the baby, or wherever you have room.

How soon can you send us a baby nurse?

Today, if you like.  All of our candidates are pre-screened and will provide checkable references from former cllients. You are welcome to speak to former clients.

How soon shall I start my search for a baby nurse?

As soon as you like. The baby nurses will keep in touch with you by email or phone just to reassure you they will be there when baby arrives.

Do you have Baby Nurses with twins experience; what about triplets?

Yes, we have Baby Nurses who specialize in multiples and have extensive training and experience with twins and triplets.

Can I meet my Baby Nurse in person?

Yes, this can be done as long as her schedule permits. Most of our baby nurses are constantly working so a conference call is usually sufficient.

A baby nurse is a non-medical trained infant specialist with extensive hands-on infant experience. She comes into the home to assist new parents with day-to-day care of their newborn. Additionally, a baby nurse will educate the new parents on caring for their new infant, and assist in establishing a routine eating/sleeping schedule for the baby and provides consulting to breast feeding mothers.

Can I check the references of my selected Baby Nurse?

Absolutely, our baby nurses have extensive references and we can provide names and phone numbers. You are very welcome to check references if you feel the need.