How to get your Baby to Sleep

Step 1 – Ritual

Have a pre-bedtime ritual that fits your lifestyle. For example, a night-time feeding and a bath while singing soothing songs. Even a little baby foot-rub or massaging those cute tiny shoulders.

Whatever your ritual is, try to keep it simple and trade off the evening duties with other family members.

Not only will sharing the bedtime rituals allow you some downtime, it will teach your little one it is okay to go to sleep when you are not there. You might want to remind all family members and guests sleep time is just that: time to sleep.

This way, no one confuses it with tickle time or peek-a-boo time.

A stimulated baby will protest to being put to bed after all that fun.


Step 2 – Sleeping Quarters

Change out the blankets and toys twice a week.

If your baby relies on a specific toy or blankie to sleep with, just imagine what would happen if it’s missing in action.

If your baby has a favorite soft blankie or stuffed animal, make it available during play time.

For instance, if he is sitting in his bouncy seat swinging at the toys or laying on his play mat, this would be a good time to bring out his favorites. Let him enjoy them while he’s awake.


Step 3 – Volume Control

(Stay with me on this one) This is key. If you lay your baby to sleep in a completely quiet atmosphere he will wake up to a cotton ball dropping to the floor.

So unless everyone in your house is using megaphones and jackhammers, there is no need to “hush” the house down.


Step 4 – Timing

Try to stick to a sleep schedule.

Sometimes this is hard but it is vital. babies 0-3 months old normally require at least eleven hours of sleep a night.

Sounds like a lot I know. this is the time your baby’s mind and body sorts through and processes the day’s activities.

It is best tl lay him to sleep around 7:00 p.m. If he wakes up during the night he will learn to go back to sleep without extra help.

If your baby is an infant, he will of course require a feeding or two