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I can’t speak highly enough about Yvette! I only wish I had had her in the very early days of my daughter’s life.

I’m a performer and my baby has never been a good sleeper. I was performing at the Metropolitan Opera in NYC and I hired Yvette to come the night before each of my performances in order to get a good night’s sleep. She did a wonderful job with my older baby (4.5-6 months at the time). She was loving and affectionate, extremely professional and a wonderful communicator, which was important to me. She responded promptly and clearly to any emails or texts and was proactive about communicating. She also did some babysitting for us. My baby loved her! She was friendly and social when invited to be, but quiet and discreet when needed. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

To the parents it may concern:

Angeloa took care of our second baby for several weeks, beginning about a week after he came home. I highly recommend her. She is was everything we would have hoped for and beyond. She cared for him extremely well–knowledgeably, gently and lovingly. She re-taught us some things and taught us knew things/new ways to think/do old things that were really useful. She helped us keep our daily baby book.

She cared equally well for me and us. If this is your first child, you should be aware that this is not always the case, but it is so important to choose a baby nurse who understands what the parents are going through physically and emotionally. She went above and beyond to assess my/our needs every day. Whether that meant carrying something for me when I was still in pain and could not, or washing the dishes, or playing with our older son when the baby was sleeping, or
giving tips for managing the new dynamic with our older child. She asked us continually what our goals were, to be sure to help us learn to care for our baby and manage our whole family dynamic once she was gone. She gave her opinion but also respected ours. She was really likable and easy to get along with–also important in a NYC apartment! She checked back with us to see how we were doing after she left, and came to visit as well as to babysit a few months later.

We consider her to have been a gift and to be a friend. I’d be happy to speak with you if you have any specific questions.

Susan Tam

Imagine leaving the hospital and having Mary Poppins appear on your doorstep to meet you as you enter the house with your new baby. Our amazing baby nurse, Angie stayed with us for two weeks and basically gave us a crash-course in Baby 101. Angie has worked all over the U.S and Europe and is truly a professional, first-class, caring, funny, and upbeat caretaker. She is a pleasure to be around, and I am beyond sad to see her go. She helped me to heal, making sure I was looking after myself, as well as the baby, after a painful unexpected C-section. I don’t know how I would have survived without her. She helped me with her breastfeeding expertise, setting up a sleep schedule, as well as helping me to decode my baby’s cries. She goes above and beyond helping the mother to cope with the sudden changes of a newborn as well as to care for the baby. If you want to give the best gift for a loved one who is expecting, or treat yourself, Angie is your baby nurse. Angie will help you navigate these exciting, new unchartered waters. You will not be disappointed. You can contact Angie directly at 917-435-4388, and you can absolutely contact me directly for a reference.










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What a relief! You set my mind at ease! I was incredibly stressed out looking for a nanny and your company helped us find someone fast that was so much better than the 26 people we interviewed before her. Thank you again. John and Linda!

The baby nurse you sent us was skilled, attentive and caring. I can’t say enough how grateful we are for your help. Thank you!

- Jennifer F